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Glass Polishing

We offer this service to all types of industries including domestic, retail shops, office buildings, construction, marine and transport. Below are just a few examples of the industry sectors that we work in.
Shop fronts/ Retail outlets: These locations are prime candidates for damage:
Graffiti caused by spray paint or hard onbjects
E.g. knives, screwdrivers, sharp stones/rocks
  As well as being detrimental to the image of your business, graffiti often obscures your shop front making your goods/services on view very hard, if not impossible to see.
Replacement glass can be cost prohibitive. We offer a cost effective solution that is specifically designed to polish out defacement and restore your glass so that it looks optically clear. We always consider replacement price before restoration and on average we save our customers up to 80% of replacement price, we always endeavour to improve our prices wherever possible. 
shop graffitishop graffiti 2 


 Construction Industry:  In the building and construction environment the damage we encounter frequently;
Careless cleaning damage
Weld and grinder splatter
Sharp and heavy objects
Shelled and chipped glass through installation/transit
weld damage crack
We repair all of these damages on site at a considerably reduced cost when compared to replacement. The glass polishing system we use is safe and clean. We use non toxic/hazardous materials that conform to all health and safety regulations. All our equipment is C E approved and of course all operatives are supplied with and use P P E.
As each client is unique we take this into account when doing an on-site project quotation. We are realistic in our assessments and if we feel that the damage is too severe or that we will not be able to achieve the result that you require then you will be informed accordingly.  We can tailor any job to be charged hourly, daily or a price to completion dependent upon your requirements. All our work is fully guaranteed.
Domestic: We repair conservatories, patio doors and windows. Have you got cracks, scratches, hazing through careless cleaning or chips on any of the above? Frequently people presume that the glass has to be replaced and are very often not aware that such glass reparation and restoration services exist. We can repair for a fraction of the cost of replacement.


 All work is accurately measured and assessed so that you only pay for what you really need.
   Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Demonstrations can be arranged.